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  • How much does a commercial cost?

    How much does a commercial cost?

    We’ve been working with media for over 15 years and cost has always been a major factor and question mark when it comes to its creation.  Often my clients ask how much does a quality video cost and my response is the same each time I am asked. The ideology of making a video should take on similar approach that you would in renting or purchasing your home or office space.  Would you rent or buy the least expensive space […]

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  • Partner with us as your Surf Video Production Company

    Partner with us as your Surf Video Production Company

    Fluid Films began their media creation business in the surf video market back in 1998 and launched by independently producing 3 full-length projects that were well received by the industry and audiences alike. The titles output went on to be internationally distributed and allowed FF to sink its teeth into the action sports genres. Now over a decade later FF has grown but still treats each project with the same passion as it did 1998 only now have taken the […]

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  • Online Video Creation

    Online Video Creation

    While we all enjoy an inspiring photo or descriptive story on a website it’s apparent that in today’s short-attention span society how necessary it is to capture and harness our viewer’s attention quickly and with authority. With this, there’s not a more powerful median than that of moving images. Here’s a few stats that showcase how powerful video is on a website when compared to text and standard imagery. Video Drives Traffic as it produces as many as 3 times […]

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  • Promotional Video for Business

    Promotional Video for Business

    Fluid Films began their media creation business in 1998 and have since been creating in all genres of video and even won some awards along the way.  For the last 15 years we’ve focused on creating and producing commercial and promotional videos that position the brands we work with in the best possible light. We are passionate about all our projects and offer concept to completion services that encompass every aspect of production. From script writing and storyboarding, shooting and […]

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  • How to Get a Commercial on TV

    How to Get a Commercial on TV

    A popular question we get from customers is “how do I get my commercial on TV after we create it?”  The short answer is we can help deliver the commercial to the cable company or we can hand the spot over to you, the client, and you can negotiate, purchase airtime, and deliver the spot to your cable sales representative. If we deliver the spot for you and handle the entire transaction the cable company offers us a 10% commission […]

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