June 19th 2009 – Los Angeles, CA

Fluid Films, a Los Angeles based production company, announces the completion and scheduling of the FUEL TV Network ID, Confiskate. Confiskate features pro skater, Josh Campos along with a handful of his closest friends as they session a hand-rail. The Network ID is a comedic narrative that toys with the synergies between street skaters and a security guard.

Two different versions of Confiskate are currently airing on FUEL TV, a unit of Fox Cable Networks. Click here to watch Confiskate.

About Fluid Films:
Fluid Films is an independent film and production studio that specializes in creating and producing engaging content catering to youth and lifestyle audiences in core and mainstream categories.

Founded in 1998 by Paul C Barranco, an action sports and lifestyle brand industry veteran, Fluid Films was created to produce and develop authentic content including commercials, web-based productions, feature/documentary films and live events.

With more than 10 years of industry experience, Fluid Films has unparalleled relationships and insight into youth demographics, as well as the passion and commitment to expand its creative and commercial future.

Some of Fluid Film’s credits include:
2008 Globe Pro Fiji – Producer/Director
United By Fate – Behind the Scenes Eps 1-5 Director/Producer/DP
Hobgood Challenge – Producer/Director/Camera
Secret Machine – Associate Producer
2006 Globe Pro Fiji – Producer/Director

FUEL TV is the action sports lifestyle network for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, freestyle-motocross, and wakeboarding. A unit of Fox Cable Networks, FUEL TV was launched July 1, 2003 and is seen in 30 million U.S. homes. To subscribe to FUEL TV, call 877-4-FUEL-TV.



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