How much does a commercial cost?

We’ve been working with media for over 15 years and cost has always been a major factor and question mark when it comes to its creation.  Often my clients ask how much does a quality video cost and my response is the same each time I am asked.

The ideology of making a video should take on similar approach that you would in renting or purchasing your home or office space.  Would you rent or buy the least expensive space you possibly could or are you going to treat the space as an investment / asset?  More often than not people tend to overspend their budgets with respect to a house or office because they understand the benefits of having a premium space.

The same thinking should be applied when making video and the concept is simple.  Whatever your video’s budget is, that number with be directly related to your video’s production value.  A prime example of this is when cable companies create the notorious ad for their clients, “for free”.  The production value of these often includes a linear concept, a cameraman and tripod and basic editorial of the piece.  The cable company will give you this $1200 value for free if you advertise with them.  I’m always confused as to why people would want to run a piece that doesn’t put their company in the best possible light and cable companies do time an again.

That being said we don’t need to break the bank in creating your media but again, what ever you invest into your video will be directly related to that video’s quality.  I can share some specific examples of pieces that we have created to give you an idea of what they cost but ultimately budget is up to the client.

Furthermore, I’d like to stress why you should choose Fluid Films for your media marketing needs.  We are a client-direct production company focused on delivering the best possible media at the most competitive rates.  Since we are client-direct we erase the agency and the fees associated with using them.  What this means is we save our clients thousands of dollars and by offering creative services to our clients.  We don’t just execute production and make videos; we work with you directly and offer you several creative options for your ad, marketing collateral and /or campaign.

With all of this, you as the client are able to stretch your budget that much further with respect the creative and concept all while retaining a high production value.

For any questions regarding your media needs and budget please contact me direct.
Paul Barranco