How to Get a Commercial on TV

A popular question we get from customers is “how do I get my commercial on TV after we create it?”  The short answer is we can help deliver the commercial to the cable company or we can hand the spot over to you, the client, and you can negotiate, purchase airtime, and deliver the spot to your cable sales representative.

If we deliver the spot for you and handle the entire transaction the cable company offers us a 10% commission on what they charge you, so no extra money comes out of your pocket on what they sell you.

In addition, airtime costs vary from region to region but here in Los Angeles spots cost anywhere from $5 per airing on some of the lower priced network cable channels during the day-time & off-peak times and rise up to $9 during prime time (4p-Midnight).   On some of the higher priced network channels airtime purchases average around $27 per airing during prime time and drop down to an average of $15 during non-prime time airtimes.

These are just average rough estimates I have given since many small business owners are often curious about what it will cost to air a commercial on TV.  The bottom line is the cable companies want your business, love to sell ads and they will negotiate with you to ensure maximum exposure for your brand.  To further discuss rates and the process of getting your spot to TV, please contact us.